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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gingerbread girls and boys (but no lemurs)

Today we made gingerbread cookies (whole wheat, egg-free, and they still tasted good!). A while back Vivi told me how she would like the gingerbread man story to end: "And when they got away, the gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl sailed in a gingerbread boat to Madagascar, and played with gingerbread lemurs." Today she asked me if we could make gingerbread lemurs, but I told her I didn't have a lemur cookie cutter yet. She seemed satisfied to only to gingerbread girls today.

Maya really liked the idea of sprinkles, and participated by making mountains of them on every cookie within reach. When "no one" was looking, she also liked to grab and eat handfuls of them.

Maya, what's that in your mouth?

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