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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lagos de Moreno

We spent the day in Lagos de Moreno, a picturesque town in Jalisco near the hacienda. The kids ran around on the cobblestone streets, marveling at the balloon vendors and eating ice cream with their cousins. We visited the colonial theatre with it's bigger than life ceiling mural and plush velvet seats:

Playing in the theatre:

We walked around the main plaza, shaded by palm and cypress trees:

The plaza:

All over Mexico (and Latin America for that matter), no matter how small the town, there is a main plaza flanked by a cathedral and government buildings, and many times outdoor cafes and restaurants. Here's the ubiquitous stone cathedral, where we counted no less than 8 wedding parties during the day either getting married or taking pictures:

I remember when they were little my brother and sister exclaimed "Mexico is so rich!" after seeing the church's altar covered in gold. Churches feel like palaces here, with
gold, silver, antique paintings and carved stone. After walking around we stopped by Juan Enrique and Nathalia's grandma's house, which could have been mistaken for another museum (except for the corn flakes on the breakfast table). I love the plant-filled patio in the middle, in this case with a glass dome to let in sun and keep out the rain.
Then the bedrooms surround this patio and can go to sleep with the sound
of the fountain (and the songbirds that snuck in!).

We went to an antique store that I would have emptied out if I had the money:). Wow. So this is where the haciendas buy their furniture and acessories!!!!

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