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Saturday, December 12, 2009

La Posada (in Houston!)

We met a wonderful family, originally from Mexico City, who held a beautiful posada in their house. I was so excited they invited us!!! Una posada is a party where everyone acts out and sings a song about Mary and Joseph going from house to house to ask for "posada" (lodging) and are told that there is no room. Then finally they are allowed to stay and there is a celebration, lots of food, of course a pinata, and in this case lots of singing Christmas carols. Two of Tonito's classmates were there and one of Vivi's was there was well! The kids had a lot of fun, and so do the adults- I never imaged going to such an awesome posada that wasn't in Mexico!?!!

Here they are with friends from preschool:

Acting out the Nativity:

Lots of people, lots of Spanish being spoken:)-

It was a chilly 50 degrees outside for the pinata but that didn't stop the kids from diving on the candy. Maya's strategy of skimming the outside of the mass in the middle worked- she got the most loot!

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Anonymous said...

I love Las Posadas and am glad the kids (and you) got to experience it! What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing, love, Mom