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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tonito's hand surgery

Tonito had surgery on his hand at Texas Children's on Wednesday. He was so brave!! I asked him if he knew what the doctor was going to do and he responded, excitedly: " He's gonna put me a new finger right here where's it's missing so I have 5!" "No mi amor, no sweetie, he can't do that. He is going to make your hand stronger so you can grab things, but he isn't going to give you a new finger there" (poor thing, this broke my heart). We told Tonito that after this surgery he will be able to do kung fu with both hands, and he decided he would be able to fight off any T-rexes that come his way. He also wants to start drum lessons, which I told him he would be able to do after the cast comes off. Here he is picking out his riding machine (to ride to the OR)- I love Children's Hospitals! They think of everything.

The surgery took 4.5 long hours, and left Tonito with thousands of stitches in his hand, several pins, and a huge cast that will stay on for 6 weeks.

It's incredible that this is an outpatient surgery- we didn't even stay one night in the hospital. He was so groggy from the anesthesia that he slept the whole way home, and then we carried him in and he slept until morning (after not having eaten or drunk anything all day, and yes, drunk is the correct past participle there).
Tonito has been through more than one kid should have to deal with in his short little life- and yet he is such a trooper, never complains, and doesn't get scared. He's so innocent and loving and trusting-- and strong. He kept falling asleep here, and then would wake up to tell us that he wanted a popsicle. Then he'd go back to sleep, and wake up again to remind us that we promised him chocolate chip ice cream. And then he would fall back asleep. So sweet, poor little guy!

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Anonymous said...

We love you Tonito, and know you will feel better soon! Love, Grandma