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Monday, September 28, 2009

Making butter

Since we were learning about where food comes from, we made yogurt and butter! Yogurt is very easy- boil the milk, let it sit for 30 minutes covered, then stir in a bit of plain yogurt and let the bacteria do its work. Wrap up the pot in towels and place in a warm place (we put it in the microwave- NOT on). The only "problem" with yogurt is that it takes a while (we leave it overnight), so the need for instant gratification in kids is not satisfied! But I looked on-line and found out that in only 20 minutes you can make butter-- all you need is some heavy whipping cream and a tightly closed container. I turned on some music for the kids to dance to (while shaking/churning) and they all disappeared immediately to their rooms. Apparently they are trained to "dress-up" for our routine dance party, and since they heard the music, they couldn't dance without their princess and spiderman costumes! So funny. So they came down and we danced to Madagascar's "Move it, Move it," Lightning McQueen's "Life is a Highway," and a couple other favorites, all while shaking the cream. Magically, in 20 minutes of jumping and craziness, we opened the container and had butter! It separates from the whey (watery substance), and spreads easily on our homemade bread. It was so exciting for them!!!! They wanted to eat the butter with a spoon, but I decided we had enough artery-clogging fun for one day:).

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Papi said...

Love it!! Las tres fotografias del final estan de lujo :) Esa fue una de mis tardes favoritas con la familia :)