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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making Pretzels

We're studying where our food comes from. This is WAY more fun and WAY more interesting than unpacking the millions of boxes cluttering the house:). And anyway, the kitchen is unpacked! We took out some books about wheat, and learned how they grind it into flour. We made a wheatberry salad, and looked at dried wheat and compared it to "regular" grass. Then we made some dough to play with, and ended up making pretzels (well, not with lye, but basically bread shapes with cinnamon and sugar).

We made the initials of many family members, and then spelled out our own names for lunch:

hehe, no one noticed that Tonito had the longest name (phew). A few days later we were in a restaurant and Vivi pointed out the dried wheat in a wreath:)- so I guess they were paying attention!

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Papi said...

Mami is 1,000 times better than Martha Stewart and Super nanny together ;)