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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Lazy Sunday

So excited that we finally are safe- with our new pool fence we can let the kids out onto part of the yard without the danger of falling into the pool. But then we can take off 15 foot sections (or all of it) if we'd like to swim. Very practical, not as challenging as a pool cover. It isn't the prettiest fence, nor does it offer an unobtrusive view BUT with 3 little ones none of this really matters.

It was a gorgeous, hot and lazy Sunday. Do you see why we are not unpacked yet!!?? Since we have no visitors to our house, I have NO pressure to get everything organized. The pool just calls you and its grip is so inviting- especially on such a hot day.

Tonito and Vivi played forever pulling each other around on this floatie thing we found in our garage. They always wear their life jackets in the pool, and I think this is actually helping them learn how to swim better.

You can kind-of see how the fence can be deconstructed one section at a time:

There isn't much shade in the back yard, so you must wear sunscreen even if you're only out for a bit. Another thing we are finding out is that the bugs go through regular bug spray on Tonito. He looked like he had the chicken pox after today! I need to find another method of insect bite prevention (please email me if you have any good ideas!).

Tonio and I did unpack several boxes from the garage, but without a basement it is taking us longer to figure out where things "belong." It is coming around slowly, and maybe by the time we have visitors we will be put together!

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Papi said...

Love the pictures!! Quiero tener mas domingos de flojera con ustedes pronto!!!