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Monday, September 7, 2009

Vacation with Drew! (and family!)

With a house full of boxes waiting to be unpacked.... we instead went on a mini-vacation for Tonito's birthday to visit Drew and family in Shreveport, LA! Who needs to get their house in order, when you can play with friends in alligator-city? It was (sort-of) the midway point between our houses, and so we spent Labor Day weekend with Scott, Kimber, Drew and Riley. The excitement of Tonito to see his Urumqi buddy was priceless- I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often!

We went to an alligator park which had a mini-zoo on the grounds. The thin fence between the alligators and the duck pen looked a little precarious, which was either torture or or exciting for the gators.
My little animal-lovers enjoyed the petting zoo, and of course wanted to feed each and every one- I'm surprised the animals are not obese the way they guzzle the "feed" pellets-

Feeding FRENZY when the guy started to bang the bucket of pellets on the dock-

Tonito, Drew, and Riley. Tonito was in heaven hanging out with the 2 older boys this weekend. He felt *so special* that they paid attention to him and played rough with him. He was a little sad the first couple of days of school that he hadn't made instant friends, so this weekend focusing only on Tonito was perfect for his self-esteem:).

The highlight was holding the baby gator!
Cutie Drew, and then unsure Maya:

Future vet and scared of nothing adventurer:

Picking grass to feed the pygmy ponies:

The best part for Vivi was the large collection of lemurs in the gift shop (that her mommy would not puchase):

The next day we went to the boardwalk.

Our last night, celebrating Tonito and Riley's birthdays at TGIF's. Afterwards Tonito asked me "How did they know it was Tonito's birthday?" :)

Buddies forever... Tonito still says Drew is his ge-ge (older brother) when asked.. Although we have virtually no information on his past, I am so glad we have contact with his friends from Urumqi!

Wrestling on the bed...

No China reunion would be complete without a dragon dance a la hotel blanket.

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Jess and Tim said...

Very cute! Tonito is just blossoming! I love the 'dragon dance'.