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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starting off the week

Monday was pijama day at camp! Unfortunately Vivi was up all night with a terrible ear ache, so she missed camp and isntead visited the pediatrician (and got antibiotics for her ear infection). In the afternoon we colored outside and then watched Ice Age with Inaki.

I wish I could post the funny pictures of all 3 kids in the shower! So silly. Here they are getting ready for bed all nice and clean. If the shower were a bath I can guarantee the water would be black. These kids play hard and dirty!

Tuesday was "beach day" at camp and Vivi felt well enough to go. After camp, we made necklaces with Fruity Loopies (as they call them here). Even Maya was stringing a necklace with the few Fruity Loopies that escaped her mouth.

Actually the necklaces really completes Tonito's surfer outfit for beach day! We should have done them this morning!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are keeping busy and getting dirty1 That's what little kids should do! Love, Mom

Laurie said...

It looks like they are having so much fun! Love the "melting pink hair" comment. Glad that their first day at camp wasn't too traumatic...especially for you!