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Friday, July 17, 2009

Our First Week

This week was a week of transition for the kids- to the day camp, the language, the schedule, new bedroom and environment etc. The kids have been doing really well trying all sorts of new foods and trying to make friends in their day camp. It has been a little harder for Tonito because he doesn't speak Spanish as well as Vivi and his English is difficult for them to understand. We ended up changing him to a younger group of kids on Friday and I think this will be better for him. As for Maya- she is in heaven playing with her cousin Inaki all day! They both imitate each other- he'll repeat her saying "all done" or "here you go!" and she loves to mimic him saying "Vaaaaaamonos!" She now answers "si" to everything and will ask "Donde esta?" (sorry my accent marks are not showing up!). During the day while the kids are at day camp, we have our own little day camp here playing with water, with play dough, lots of art projects, etc. The "mommies" are also enjoying summer break- Normita and I joined a gym for this month and have been going to all sorts of different yoga, pilates, and dance classes. My abs are killing me:), but this is necessary because of the the delicious food we are making and consuming! Here the kids are drawing with chalk:

Watching "Cars" with Inaki on Thursday afternoon:

On their way to camp on Friday morning with their new backpacks from abuelita and abuelito:

Playing on the stairs:

Pretending to be dinosaurios:

We had a really busy and fun week!

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