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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday USA!

In the morning, Tonio got to come to the kids' swimming lessons. Today went much, much better for Vivi. She has been having a tough time because she is scared of jumping in, going underwater, floating on her back, etc, etc. Pretty much everything they do. The past week there has been a lot of terrified crying, but today she did everything they asked, and then would look over, flip up her goggles, and give us the thumbs up (!!!???). Other parents, and even the lifeguards were joking with me that I brought a different girl to class. I have no idea what changed, but I am happy that she is not so scared anymore!
In the evening, we had a fabulous time at a co-workers pool party, and capped off the night watching the fireworks from the golf course off their backyard. There were so many little kids in life jackets and floaties, jumping in and swimming around, going down the slide, playing with the beach balls- it was a challenge to keep an eye on our kids, but they had SO MUCH FUN!!!!:) They miss their friends, they miss playdates, and they just miss playing with other kids. This was a dose of chaotic fun that was welcomed and appreciated! The house had a gorgeous backyard and pool that was very kid-proof: a screen in porch looked over the pool, and then the pool had an iron fence around it separating it from the grassy play area. Both gates into the pool are had alarms that need to be deactivated every time a gate opens- very safe, and something to remember for later.

Vivi and I made and decorated a flag cake (egg-free!), and there were many other snacks and treats. It was cute because one of the kids said he wanted some of the "birthday cake," and then someone explained that the 4th of July IS the birthday of the US, and so the kids decided to sing "Happy Birthday." Maya was so excited to join in since she knew the song:).

All in all the kids had an awesome time with the other kids, loved watching the fireworks, and fell asleep almost before we could leave the culdesac.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Vivi for doing everything during swim lessons! And to Tonito, because he is such a good swimmer! And to Maya, because she's just cute! Love, Grandma