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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Burning Energy at the Park

On Sunday we decided to go to the park in Polanco so the kids could run around and get some fresh air. It was a beautiful day, and they loved running around with the other kids!

It was as if they play with Inaki all the time (my keyboard is not typing the ~ over the "n" right now!). Even though they would squeal something in English, and he would laugh it back in Spanish, they all understood each other and had a blast.

Here are the 4 grandkids with Abuelita (ita) and Abuelito (ito)

In the middle of the park, there are little cars that you can rent and drive around. It was hard for them to coordinate pressing the gas and turning the wheel, and luckily there were 5 adults diveting accidents!

On the other side of the park is a little lake, where remote control boats, yachts, submarines, etc, chase around the ducks. Tonio's mom told us that the same little old men have been coming every Sunday for decades! The best part for the kids was when one boat crashed into the other and almost made it tipped over.

That evening, Tio Mario and Tia Sandra came over to play. Vivi running and jumping into Mario arms was priceless- she was so excited to see him! Around Sandra however, she was a little shy (she thinks Sandra is a real princess ever since the wedding, the big white dress, etc). All the kids loved playing with the Tia and Tio and were being silly well into the night.

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Anonymous said...

The park looked like so much fun! Tonio's parents must be in heaven! We wish all of you a fun time in Mexico! Love, Mom