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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Melting in this heat

It is SO hot in Houston right now. It seems to hover near (or above) 100 degrees every day, and then at night it "cool off" to the 80's. It is absolutely not a "dry heat," but rather very humid. Kind-of like you're in a steam room with a hot, wet blanket on. We've got curls all over in this humidity! Fortunately during the hottest time of the day we have lunch and naps, so we are not outside during the worst of it. Like I said in another post, we go swimming every day, and sometimes I bring out tubs of cold water for the kids to play in after naps. The ice cubes last about 2 minutes. Finally one day it rained, and Vivi was shocked "It DOES rain in Texas mommy!" It's funny how they over-generalize about certain things- they also told me they were sad that "this TV does not have Dora or kids shows" (we don't have cable so they haven't really watched anything on TV and they have just gotten over their withdrawl)... No cable+not a lot of toys+terrible heat outside= lots of swimming and mommy-invented games

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, could they be any cuter? I miss them soooo much! Dadxxoo