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Friday, July 10, 2009

Driving Day 1: We made it to Monterrey!

Setting the alarm for 3:30am, I thought it would be hard to wke up- but my eyes popped open at 2:45 and I was ready. As funny as it sounds, I quickly ran around the house turning on lights looking for cucarachas (because I am convinced these tropical beasts come out at night when we're not looking) and was thrilled when I didn't find any. Alone and excited, I came back to bed and Tonio reminded me when the alarm was going off. I pretened to sleep a bit longer, while my mind raced through the lists that seemd to constantly run along the bottom of the screen of my mind like a CNN ticker: bathing suits, lunch boxes, vitamins, wipes, books for kids, books for me, night diapers for Maya, summer clothes, one pair of jean for each kid... (aw man! as I am writing this at night I just realized that I forgot MY pair of jeans!). Finally the alarm "woke" us up. I packed the cooler with sandwiches and cold snacks, filled the sippy cups with milk and water bottles with ice water, made Tonio an iced latte, and then got dressed. "Come on Tonio! We're going to Mexico!"

The drive to Laredo was about 5 hours (1 Baby Einstein, 1 Rapunzel movie and a couple of hours of Disney songs on the itunes. We had some long delays at the border because in order to bring your car into Mexico you have to get Mexican auto insurance, and then get a certificate to temporarily import your car (loooooong lines in a hot building with crabby kids). After 3 sticky hours, we were on our way! The kids fell asleep right away, and we made it about a half an hour before we got to a checkpoint. The immigration official asked for my tourist visa- AAAAAGH. That was one thing we did not get at the border because someone said I wouldn't need it since I was with Tonio. Frustrating!!! So we turned around, drove back to the border, waited in the long lines again, and got back on the road. When we passed the checkpoint again it was a different officail who didn't even glance at the troublesome visa that I had just paid for and wait an hour for. ANYWAY, we decided to be in a good mood:).

The 2 hours through the desert to Monterrey went really quickly and the kids loved looking at the moutains and "spikey" plants.

Finally we made it to the Monterrey! We walked around the colonial old town, ate a delicious dinner, and then we all went to sleep after a long day.

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Papi said...

Great picture of all of us with the church just right behind us. I love Maya's laugh!