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Monday, May 4, 2009

Chores for Little Ones

Of course Maya wants to do EVERYTHING that Vivi does!!!

Our kids are still in the phase where they like to help (yay- I hope this lasts a couple of more years??). Tonito is my garbage man, taking out the recycling, emptying the bathroom garbage cans, and dragging out the garbage and recycling to the curb every week. (Side note: he is the one who has discovered their paintings and drawings "accidentally" thrown in the recycling: "Mommy, look what happened!!?? Why are these in the garbage?" "Oh honey, Mingo chewed on it a little so I had to recycle it." Shoot- note to self- recycle art projects when they are in bed, and hide them at the bottom of the pile!)
Vivi likes to empty the dishwasher, mainly the kids cups and plates because they are in a low cabinet. She also does the silverware (as does Tonito), and likes to electric broom. Actually they fight over the electric broom (!). She likes to pick up her room and "surprise" me when all of the toys and clothes that Maya throw around are all organized and put away. Vivi's favorite job is helping me in the kitchen- she wishes she could cook every day with me. She and Tonito also set and clear the table, and are in heaven if I give them a chlorox wipe and tell them to "wash" the floor" (which I frequently do if I am having a showing:).
The main reason I am recording these little miracles into the archives is so when they are teenagers I can at least reminisce about my little helpers.
Here's Vivi helping Tonito when he wasn't feeling well:

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