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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dinos at the Zoo

Tonio decided to take the kids to the zoo on Sunday to give me a little break (so that I could clean the house without little ones underfoot). The zoo has an exhibit now of dinosaurs that move, breathe, and look incredibly real-enough that several kids were crying! The kids were absolutely amazed: "look at the long neck!" (/wook at the wong neck!/) Tonito brought his stuffed t-rex and showed it in awe to the zoo's t-rex. Vivi was a little freaked out at first until Tonio explained that they really were pretend, they couldn't move their feet to get any closer, and they would not attack us. What a fun exhibit.

Next, Tonio took the kids to the family center, where they painted each other like lions. Tonito was in a protective mode (maybe because of the dinos) and he and Vivi were acting so cute hugging each other, holding hands, and just buddy-buddying around the zoo. Of course Maya wanted to be a lion as well! She wants to do *everything* the big kids do, and her verbal skills are amazing because of all the imitation! She came home telling me about the "asaurios" (dinosaurios), the "t-rek" (t-rex), and roaring like a lion. She now fights over the lemur (ye-mo) with the other kids, and frequently wins the argument! Maya is quite fiesty when she takes her thumb out.

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