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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Celebrating readoption and falling in the fountain

It is official! (well, it already was) Tonito has been "readopted," which means that we can get him an "original" birth certificate from the US anytime he needs one. It actually is just a "record of foreign birth" that is registered and accepted everywhere in the US, which means I do not need to bring in his single China birth certificate and translation to register him for school, etc. And he can just call up Cook County anytime he needs an "original!" First he was "served" his papers:

Then we headed to the courtroom:

It was a special courtroom just for adoptive families, and definitely was catered to families with young kids:
Afterwards, the kids LOVED looking down at the streets below, at the garden rooftops, the cars and buses, the lake, etc.

Tonito was counting taxis:

After court, we went down to the plaza, walked around the market, and then played a little in the fountain.
Just as we were leaving, literally a minute after this picture was taken, the lady in the far right corner (with the blueish dress pulled up) offered her chair for our kids to sit on while they put on their shoes. Just as Vivi and Tonito sat down, the wind blew some papers away and she stood up, which of course caused her lawn chair to flip over and throw Vivi head-first into the fountain. It was as if she were sliding into first base, only underwater and in a dress. Poor Vivi!!!! Soaked and dripping, we walked to Mickey D's for some ice cream.

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