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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nuestros queridos amigos!!!!

Our wonderful friends Daniela and Claudio and their beautiful kids Analua and Francisco came to visit us all the way from Massachusetts, where Claudio is a professor. We met Dani and Claudio in 1999 when I was in grad school at U of I (and Tonio was studying as an exchange student at U of I for the second time). I was an ESL instructor and Claudio was in my level 5 ESL class- the lowest level, for those students who just arrived to the US and have virtually no English. He and Dani were newlyweds from Brazil, and Tonio and I were newly engaged, and we all just hit it off. I think it is one of the only times that we each made friends with a couple, instead of one of us having a friend, and then introducing our spouses. We had a lot of fun at U of I, Dani and Claudio are both very intelligent, and the hardest working people I have ever met. Claudio went from speaking no English, to passing the TOEFL, to getting accepted and completing his PhD and now he is a professor! It is truly amazing (sorry for bragging Claudio). We rarely get to see them, but have kept in touch over the computer, and see each other once in a while. I love how nicely our kids play together!!!! I appreciate the way Dani parents them- they are really good, sweet, polite kids. We love you guys!!!

Look at these cuties.

So sweet.

Playing at the park together!

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