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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeee-haw! The Rodeo!

We got some free tickets to the Rodeo (thank you Melissa!:) and Tonio, Tonito, Vivi and I were so excited for our first visit! Looking around at the other rodeo-goers and the ubiquitous fashion, it was immediately obvious that we were not in any way cowboy or Western or even Texan. Regardless of our lack of boots, fringe and leather, we quickly became fans. Walking up to the Rodeo, we had to pass through all of the carnival rides. The kids were a little bummed that we couldn't ride all of them and I had to bite my tongue- we are planning on surprising them with a Disney World trip for Spring break and I wanted to tell them "In 5 days you will be riding waaaay better rides, just be patient!!!" But instead I told them "maybe when you're older" and "mommy doesn't have any money right now for rides." We quickly passed through the rides and made our way into the huge Livestock Show:

Tonito: "Mommy, can I pet the cow!!???"
Cowboy: "That's a steer son."
Me, smiling as if to say "Oh, he doesn't know, he's just 6" when actually I have never used the word "steer" in daily conversation. "What's the difference between a steer and a bull?" Apparently a steer has been castrated, and are therefore calmer and have a different build (we were told-- just in case you were wondering).

The 14 baby pigs (piglets?) born yesterday were SO cute I wanted to smuggle one home!!! They were so cute and snugly!!! Who knew? After walking around the Livestock Show we went into the big rodeo arena. The rodeo was like nothing I (we) had ever seen before and our favorite part was "mutton bustin'"- helmeted little kids (5-6 years old) grab onto a sheep and hold on for their life as it runs crazy. The winner is the kid who makes it the farthest without falling off- mutton bustin' hehehe.

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