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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 1: EPCOT!

EPCOT was so much fun! Disclosure: I am a type-A, extreme planner. Because of this, I had read every single blog and guide to DW, analyzed the attendance history of each park (to determine which had less crowds on which days), saturated my brain with random tips from other moms, and had made up an itinerary that would allow us to see the most possible, with the least waiting in lines. If you are ever going to Disney World, I can send you the order or our rides, which we used FastPass on, and which web sites were helpful:). It was my little pet project because I actually enjoying doing research, especially when it benefits me!

On this first day we spend the morning on several popular rides, then had a Princess Lunch in Norway's "Akershus Royal Banquet Hall," then walked around the different countries in the World Showcase. We met lots of characters, and the kids had a fantastically fun first day. When they were going to sleep they asked us "Can we go back tomorrow?" hahaha I love it!

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