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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First game of T-ball!

Their first t-ball game!!!! First of all, I love our coach. This was an email he sent us before the first game (this is my kind of coach!!!!):
"Our players will run the wrong way, play in the dirt, not pay attention all the time, and occasionally test our patience. They are 4, 5, and 6 yrs old. That's just the way it is. The idea is for them to have fun playing a team sport. Don’t expect too much in terms of baseball proficiency. They're just learning. Maintain a good attitude and encourage them when they do it right."

Secondly, aren't they cute in their uniforms? We had been trying to decide whether to put the bigger kids in soccer again or in something new (tball). The kids were campaigning hard for soccer because they both love it, but I wanted them to at least *try* tball because this is the last year it would be on a tee and not pitched to them. This also was the last year it was co-ed, and all busy mamas know it is ideal to have your kids on the same team so there is less schedule-conflicts! So we gently forced them to be on tball, and I'm really glad we did- they learned the basic rules in case they ever play it in PE, they met some new friends, and they had fun learning how to catch, bat, etc. Nonetheless, the first practice Vivi was not happy to find out she was the only girl on the team... I think it was a great experience for them and they seemed to enjoy most of it. I don't think it is *their* sport though- the first game Vivi ran from center field to get a ball that someone had hit between home plate and the pitcher's mound (she really likes running). The coach had to explain that in tball you kind-of wait for the ball to come to you/your region, and she was a little disappointed that there was so much standing around and waiting! Tonito picked it up really fast and really like to field the balls and throw them to first base. They both did a great job for kids who have grown up NOT playing catch in the front yard with their parents (but if there were a a triathlon for kids they would do fine!)..

Maya and Ricky had fun playing in the bleachers (with someone's iphone apparently!!!? I don't own one!?!!!)

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