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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A sleepover and Winterfest

We were all so excited to be invited to Tia Anita's house for a sleepover!!! Sam and Nate, with their new batman and Robin costumes, inspired me to look for more boy dress-up clothes for our house. We are set with the princess dresses, feather boas, tutus, jewelry, etc, etc, but we could use some boy costumes!

Tonito loves his cousins so much- I feel fortunate that Annie and I are so close, and that we both happened to adopt from the same area of the world. Tonito really likes to have cousins that "look like" him (his words:).

After the "sweepovah" (as Maya says and Vivi used to say) it was game time with grandma and grandpa.

Look at them posing in front of their art museum (above)! Later we went to the Winterfest at Navy Pier- it was soooo busy, and next year we will go on a weekday before Christmas. Winterfest is a visual overload of twinkling Christmas lights and gaudy garland on steroids, and my kids love it. Besides the outrageous decorations, blaring music, and hordes of people, the best part are the bouncy houses and rides.

We had a bit of a tussle at the Merry-go-round when they let my mom take Maya on, but wouldn't let Ricky on with my dad (they didn't know we were together). They claimed that all adults needed a bracelet (and none of us had any because we weren't going on any rides except to hold the kids when needed). When we questioned why the same person had just let my mom and Maya in, and that Ricky and Maya were the same height and same age, but Ricky wasn't allowed on, it got a little heated. The security guard had to pull Tonio back and bring him to some people in charge so they could explain the discrepancy. In the end they gave Tonio and i free bracelets to ride with the kids and brought us to the front of the line- much to the chargin and dismay of the original worker.

After we were all Winterfested out, we headed to the Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant. Absolutely delicious, with just the right amount of heat. They even have 100% teff injera to order for anyone who is gluten-free!

Ricky loved it and kept saying it was HIS Ethiopian Restaurant, and HIS food.

An amazing day- I love our family!!!

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