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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday girls!

Ever since Vivi was born on my birthday, and we converted it to her birthday, I don't get a year older- isn't that cool how that works?:)

We celebrated both of our cumpleaños with chocolate cake, but Vivi's special eggless cake was topped with cute little pictures of lemurs! It was so, so good to be with family on our special day.

Vivi's favorite gifts were her new red-ruffed lemur stuffed animal (yes, I am actually learning different types of lemurs), a kid digital camera, and a Cinderella dress (thanks Rachel:)! Tia Didi also made an incredible lemur memory game where she printed a bunch of different pictures of lemurs from on-line, but also including Vivi in her Halloween costume, with her stuffed animals, at the zoo, etc and mounted them on cardstock, cut into memory game cards: AMAZING. Here are some pictures of our birthday celebration:

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