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Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

After our whirlwind trip, we had a couple of weeks of Christmas-prep. We had presents to buy and wrap, cookies to make, a Santa visit, and Breakfast in Bethlehem. I was a little stressed out to say the least, because I had 2 weeks to unpack, wash clothes, and then repack- for a 3 week trip to Chicago that included surgery for Tonito, Ricky's baptism, and multiple Christmas parties.... plus all of the presents for different family members (this year we were giving the gifts from Ethiopia!) plus all the kids' gifts- I don't know how Santa does it! I personally took a break from it all and made truffle brownies with a pound of gourmet dark chocolate- not productive in getting ready, but oh so delicious! There were lists of lists, and so many different piles of things to remember! Santa got some shopping done at Target by distracting the two 3 year olds with a snack- they had *no* idea what was under the coat in the cart..
We have a secret compartment under the floor of the minivan (well, it's not so secret but the kids don't know it's there) where all of the unwrapped gifts travelled quite nicely. We didn't go crazy with the presents this year because we don't *need* a to of new things to add to the house, and even if we did, they wouldn't fit in the car;). In the midst of getting ready, Tonito's class read a book about Hanukkah and he was really bummed to learn that we do not celebrate this holiday and its 8 days of presents.
I'm still not used to living in a warmer region during Christmastime- it really doesn't feel like the holidays when it is in the 60's or 70's. Sitting on Santa's lap in a sundress? Decorating palm trees with Christmas lights? Drawing candy canes and gingerbread men in sidewalk chalk while mommy packs the winter boots, snow pants, hats, mittens, etc!? It was a little weird, but we got it all done and are so excited to spend Christmas with family!
The 2 little ones have become best buddies and are playing really well with each other these days. There is always the random scream or fight over toys, or Ricky's unwillingness to accept Maya's smothering hugs, but all in all they entertain each other really well (which helps as I am getting things ready for the trip!). They brighten my mood constantly with their funny sayings! After a whole morning of Maya repeating "Mommy, look!" she says to me "I'm full of 'looks' today mommy!"

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Julie said...

Love the picture with Santa! What cuties!