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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Starting the Ocean Unit

This is what our days look like:

8-12: run errands, go to the library or park, color, play
12: lunch
1-4: naps and snack
4-6: SWIM
6: dinner
7: art projects, read books
8:30: bed
We are studying "oceans" right now, and the kids are making an ocean scene on our un-decorated wall. Here they are glue-ing cheerios to starfish (Maya thought the glue was a fun dip for her cheerios snack until I confiscated it).
Here is a picture Vivi made for my dad for Father's Day. It is Nala and Simba and Zazu on Pride Rock, with a giraffe, cheetah, elephant and zebra watching. (the black figure is the elephant). She is so good at drawing- everytime she impresses me more!

All in all it was great first week! We are unpacked (yeah, once I found out cockroaches like the glue in boxes, I unpacked in a day and threw all boxes away), settled in, already have books checked out from the library, food in the fridge, clothes in the dressers, and toys strewn around.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures the kids sent were so cute! They on the fridge for us to enjoy! Expect some mail in a couple of days-stuff for your ocean unit and other goodies! Love, Mom