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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Napping then Swimming: how we spend every afternoon

So it is really hot in Houston. HOT like almost 100 and very humid.. Fortunately, during the hottest part of the day we have lunch and then take naps! Well, you can see from the pictures who takes naps and who has "quiet" time in her room and plays with animals. Maya is in our bed until I wash out her pack and play- it was in the basement for too long! Sunday we made a huge arget run and got sheets, and garbage cans, and all the fun stuff that we wouldn't fit into our car. The kids were so excited, even though I told them that when their other beds come they will use their other sheets (I hope they don't get used to queen sized beds). Our apartment is in a really centralized location and we can walk to the library, mall, "downtown" area, and some parks, and we have a much appreciated pool here. So last night I was taking a little walk to CVS for some calamine lotion (Tonio is covered in bites) and I thought I saw a mouse scurrying across the sidewalk. Upopn closer observation I saw the it was not a mouse, but a HUGE cockroach. In an instant all of the dried leaves in the ground looked suspicious.. but they were just leaves. The rest of the way home I walked as fast as I could, ready to swat away any flying cucarachas (yes, they FLY) and vowing not to walk at night. They only come out at night, right? Well, in my fantasyland they only come out at night and are only on that sidewalk on the way to CVS, and I'm sticking to it.

After only a couple of days of swimming Tonito is getting really comfortable in the water! He and Vivi wear life vests in the water and float around and Maya has a little floaty thing too because it is impossible to watch all 3 kids and there is no life guard at our pool! There are about 10 local pools and so we checked out one of them today and were surprised by how little people are out. Is it too hot? Or does everyone have their own pool? Nice for us:), we had the pool almost all to ourselves.

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Laurie said...

Glad you're settling in. I know what you mean about seeing one bug/cockroach and then thinking that everything is some kind of critter!