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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, packing....

I am trying to figure out what to bring with us to temporary housing- obviously kitchen things, sheets, towels, summer clothes, and TOYS. We are going to fit as much as we can into the rooftop carrier, and the minivan (but the dogs get the back of the minivan and we have 3 carseats....)- then other boxes we will ship. So far I have packed medicines/vitamins, an arts and crafts box, and 2 boxes of toys to come with us. I packed a huge box of kitchen supplies and another of sheets and towels to ship, and we will ship the pack and play (for Maya's bed), and some office supplies for Tonio. I still need to pack the photo albums and baby books, and pick out which important files will come with us. The problem with packing when you are still selling your house is the mess! Oh, the piles. I got a roof rack put on our car so we can carry the big old Excargo, which hopefully will fit lots of our boxes! I'll be so sad to say good-bye to our beautiful house:(.

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