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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Saying good-bye to our neighbors!

Maya, Jensen, Vivi, Tonito, Carter, Marshall

We're spending the last couple of days at my parent's house so that I can come back and clean without the little monsters taking everything out again! It was so sad to say good-bye to our neighbors down the street! We see them every morning and every afternoon while we are both waiting for the bus, and then frequently in the evenings at the bewitching hour when Lynn is waiting for her husband to come home and I am just waiting for dinnertime and bedtime:). Lynn has saved me many times if I am late with the bus getting home (stuck in that darn Caputo's!), babysitting for a quick errand, or providing some sane adult talk when we are both stuck at home with 3 little ones. Her kids are adorable and really nice, and constantly let my kids use their cool cars and riding toys (how do you find all of those Lynn!?). In addition a certain someone in our house has a crush on Carter and a certain someone in her house has a crush on Maya, so the sparks are flying when we are playing together! We will miss you so much!!! They gave each kid a little goodie-bag to take in the car with crayons, a notebook, lots of snacks and ltitle toys- so sweet!!!! We leave tonight at 3am.... wish us luck!!! Say a prayer for safe travels!!! We are hoping for a boooooting trip with no surprises or catastrophes:). I have a 2 hours play list of Disney and Pixar songs on my Ipod and lots of DVD's ready (with snacks, stickers, toys, coloring... how is it all going to fit!?)...

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