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Sunday, June 14, 2009


We went to Sea World- San Antonio! Friday night we drove the 3 hours to the dog-friendly hotel (Boo and Mingo got to come along). We all went to bed after eating quesadillas, watermelon, and carrot sticks in the car. When we got to Sea World the next morning, I was amazed at how BIG and Disneyesque it was- I had no idea!? Also, in case you ever go, the daily admission price is the exact same price as the "funcard," which gives you unlimited admission the rest of the year. Perfect! We headed to the sharks and coral reef exhibit first. The kids were very impressed with the huge sting rays flying through the water, and the even bigger sharks in the next dark aquarium:

Next we went to the Shamu show- but we were scared enough by their multiple warnings of being soaked that we did not take out our camera much. We did in fact get wet, which freaked out the girls. Vivi told us that she likes when whales swim in the sea instead of in the Sea World and it broke my heart. She is the forever compassionate animal lover! We told her that Shamu is here to teach other people how to love animals so that they will protect the oceans, and she seemed OK with the answer. Wasn't there a movie about a kid rescuing a whale?

After Shamu, we went back to the hotel. It was 105 degrees out and time for a cool nap. Tonito slept from the moment his head hit the pillow, Vivi slept about 10 minutes, and Maya about an hour. It was way too exciting to be in bed with either mommy or papi (we kept switching her to see what would work). After a couple of hours, we headed back to the park, this time with a schedule and a plan: playing in the spray park, roller coaster, the pirate show, dinner, crocodiles, the finally, sea lion show. The pirate show was scary, and Tonito was in heaven.

Here is Vivi and Tonito's first roller coaster!!!! Smiles from ears to ears!!!

We rented a stroller the first day, which was well worth it. I miss my double stroller so much!!!!

Day 2: We got to Sea World early, and went straight to the dolphins. You can buy a "tray" of fish for $4 and then lay on your stomach hand-feed the dolphins.
This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I love dolphins and might have been more excited than the kids to be able to interact with them for a couple of minutes.

Maya wasn't quite sure about it, but she liked to watch when I or the kids fed them (and actually got mad one time I took her down off the rim of the pool).

Look at these gorgeous creatures- honestly, this dolphin is smiling!

After the amazing dolphins, we walked over to the penguin exhibit and found some characters along the way (missing Maya was too scared).
Another ride on the roller coaster before we left, this time braver Vivi wants to sit by big brother instead of mommy or papi:
Our hotel check-out was at noon, and since the dogs were relaxing in the air conditioned room we had to rush back to get them. It was a fantastic weekend, so fun, so nice to leave our apartment without cleaning it for a showing or an open house! ha! But also just to enjoy the 5 of us together experiencing new things together, aaaah.

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Sounds like a great weekend, and even Papi got to come along! We miss you all so much, but it's enjoyable keeping up with your blog. love, Mom and Dad xxoo