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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter blahs

Sledding- check. Snowball fight- check. Snowman- check. Many, many, many days playing in the house- check. Lost mittens, tired boots and winter coats that are a little too small now- check, check, check. We are READY for spring!!!!!

The kids got "Yoga Pretzels" for Christmas, and we love practice our poses. Vivi and Tonito each pick out 5-10 cards, and we all do the yoga together (including Maya!). They call them their "exercises." When I go work out and drop them off in the daycare at the club, they walk past the huge aerobics room filled with "moms doing exercise." Vivi aspires to be one of these moms, and claims she will exercise just like them when she is older (5) and a mommy.

Here's little Maya. She is still the little stinker, pulling things out of cabinets and drawers faster than I can keep up, dancing whenever she hears music or singing, crawling into my arms for hugs and kisses all day long.

Cutie-pie Tonito eating some leftover Chinese New Year grub, yum! He decided he needed his "China hat" to eat his "China food."
This is the post-haircut picture. Can you believe this is only Tonito's 2nd haircut since he came home? His hair must grow really slowly (well, that will save us in haircutting expenses!:). Vivi got hers cut as well, and it was also only her second haircut.


Dana said...

Wow I guess their hair does grow slowly!! Ellie has had 4 haircuts since we came home and is in need of another! Thank God my mother-in-law is a stylist!!

Tonio said...

Esa posicion de Yoga de Vivi esta genial ;)