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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disney on Ice

Our cousin got us tickets for Disney on Ice- Thank you Robyn for the tickets!!! We didn't tell the kids where we were going or what we were going to see, because I couldn't really think of how to explain it: a big ice rink with Simba and Tinkerbell skating around?
We pulled up and parked and in the freezing cold made the kids run to the doors. They had no idea what was going on, but saw tons of kids and so they kept hustling in. We finally found the door to our seats and discovered were in the 5th row!!!!! We were SO close, and it was just starting- the spotlights, loudspeakers blaring the Cars themesong, and all of a sudden before we even sat down Lightning McQueen came out and Tonitostopped walking down the stairs in disbelief. He was pointing and staring, and screaming "That's Lightning McQueen, mommy!" We hurried them to their seats and their smiles could not have been bigger, their eyes could not have been wider, the shock and surprise and intense excitement was better than Christmas (check out Tonito's smile). They thought they were seeing the "real" characters and believed the waves and salutations were personal and directed only to them:).

At intermission, Vivi started to cry and ask if we could watch it again. We explained to her that we still had half of the show left and she wanted to know if we could stay here "FOREVER." I would say it was their dream come true, but I don't think they could have dreamt of this. How fun! The show was pretty cool, but I enjoyed watching the kids expressions more- you should have seen their extraordinary attention- they were motionlessly glued to the skaters, with huge gleeful smiles. I can't wait to take them to Disney World- I hope we can go when they still believe...

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