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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tio Timo and Auntie Colleeny

We will miss our family so much if we move!!! We see Grandma and Grandpa a couple of times a week, and we love to play with Tio Timo and Auntie Colleen as well. In NY Auntie Colleen got Vivi her favorite animal: a LEMUR, who is now named "le," "L," or "Lily" depending on when you ask Vivi. Once at the zoo we went to the lemur cage and they have dress-up costumes of lemurs, and you can climb in the fake trees while being separated by the real lemurs only by glass. Since then, Vivi has moved the fa-fa (aka giraffe) into second place and replaced it with the beloved ring-tailed lemur. While at the Natural History Museum in NY we saw loads of stuffed animals, and I was mentioning that if anyone would ever see a lemur we would have to get it for her. Lo and behold, in the next bin we found stuffed ring-tailed lemurs!!!? What are the odd chances?!! So Auntie Colleen got one for Vivi, and found a great anatomically correct (2 fingered that is) T-Rex for Tonito (whose name is appropriately "T"). The 2 kids are in heaven with their new toys, and sleep with them every night, make food and feed them, and even make them go potty on the toilet. The animal doctor kit they got for Christmas is really being put to good use!!! THANK YOU AUNTIE COLLEEN!!!! What great presents!!!!

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