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Thursday, February 12, 2009


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I am amazed at the relationship between our kids. They love each other SO much and are so kind with each other. Obviously the older 2 argue and fight over toys, etc, but the majority of the time they are genuinely good to each other, and both are so nice to Maya- even as she is bossing them around in her own way. The other day Tonito was playing with his new T-Rex and Maya wanted it. She walked up to him with her brow furrowed, grabbed the T-Rex and then proceeded to hit him over and over on his face. Tonito looked at me, looked at Maya, and then looked at me again (while blinking his eyes to protect himself). It would not occur to Vivi or Tonito to ever, ever lay a hand on Maya (although this limitation doesn't apply to each other). Our new tactic with Maya is to ask her to "Be Nice," and on command she will caress whoever's face is involved.

But really you can see this symbiotic relationship between the 3 of them throughout the day: Vivi will fall down and Maya will come and give her kisses. Maya will be crying when having her diaper changed and Tonito will come over to hold her hand and rub her head. Maya during dinner asks for "bumbee," which is from a song you can sing when eating "Bumblebee, bumblebee, up in the apple tree, when it comes down it goes zoom!" So you make the food on the fork fly around and then zoom it into her mouth. This little song has enticed Maya to eat everything from curry to couscous. Well now her new thing is that when she is really crabby because dinner is late and she wants to go to sleep- she only wants Vivi and Tonito to feed her. "Bumbee bumbee To-to!" she'll demand, banging her fork on the tray. Smiling from ear to ear Tonito happily complies with her wishes while Vivi sits on the edge of her seat waiting for her name to be called. "Bumbee-bumbee Vivi!" Maya shouts, and then it's Vivi's turn to shuffle to the high chair and deliver her song and forkful to Maya.

I don't know how long the older siblings will dote on their baby sister, but I am (and she certainly is!) enjoying it while it lasts!

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Tonio said...

Me encanta como describes el comportamiento de Maya :) Tan indefensa que se ve nuestra bebita...