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Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had a neighborhood Halloween party! It was so much fun- running crazy in the green belt

Some of the boys looking "scary":

Kindergarten girls looking pretty:

And Ricky the shark, borrowing an Afro wig:

The party was fun with the kids running all over the culdesac and green belt, boys chasing the girls, girls shrieking (how do they learn this!?) and running away. There was a never-ending food buffet, followed by endless candy. After carving pumpkins we started on the trick-or-treating. At first Ricky didn't understand what was going on "Just go up to the door and say Trick-or-Treat Ricky. They'll give you candy." He followed the other kids to the door and then stood there watching the scene, staring into his bucket when they dropped the candy in. By the time he looked up, the other kids were already running to the next house. He learned very quickly and it was hilarious to see him running as fast as he could to follow the other kids- I have NEVER seen his little legs run so fast! Midway through he realized he could run faster without his bucket of loot so he would come running from the house saying "mommy!!! caramela" and hand off the bucket to me so we could run together to the next house when he would grab the baton and present it to the next neighbor. The thrill is really in the (candy) chase because I don't usually let me kids eat that much of the candy. Care packages would be mailed out this week to Tios and Tias with pounds of their favorite candy. But for tonight, Ricky could dream about swimming in chocolate and sugar, from his pumpkin bag that held more than his weight in candy. In the morning all of the kids asked if we could go Twickotweeting again!

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