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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Star Wars Birthday!

Tonito recently decided that Star Wars is cool-- we won't let him watch the movie *yet*, but the books from the library, the kids at school, and maybe just his "boy genes" have him loving the idea of light sabers, Jedis, and droids. We didn't have his birthday party right at the beginning of school because he didn't really know any of the kids (um... and we just got back from Ethiopia!). This was perfect because we invited all of the boys from his class plus a couple of other buddies. We got a bunch of game ideas from my friend Ashlea (in MOMS Club with me)-- thank you so much Ashlea!!!! She always has the best ideas!! Here are the kids playing "Yoda, Yoda, Darth" (duck, duck, goose) and then beating up Tonio (Darth Vader) with their light sabers (pool noodles).

They colored a chalk Death Star and then destroyed it with water balloons:

The soccer-ball-pinata-turned-Death-Star was filled with candy and Star Wars fruit snacks. Ricky was confused until the candy came raining down- and then his pinata instincts kicked in and he grabbed candy like there was no tomorrow.

Tonio made a really cool obstacle course for the "Jedi Training" portion of the party! He built balance beams, and put up a rope tunnel they had to army crawl through, then they had to do a crab walk, get a light saber and and fight with Darth, etc, etc. It was such a fun party!

Originally I tried to make a light saber cake, in cans (google light saber cake and see the amazing creations people have made). When I took them out of the oven and tried to get them out of the cans it was a disaster of steaming crumbs. Luckily we had one more cake mix in the cabinet and Tonito really didn't care what the cake would look like (and loved eating the chocolate light saber chunks).

At the very end of the party, Tonio and I were trying to bring everything into the garage and we made the mistake of leaving the kids inside the house with all of the gifts- we walked into a wrapping paper ticker tape party with boys toys and tissues paper everywhere. I think in Tonito's mind, this was the end to a perfect day:).

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