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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween party!

Happy Halloween from lemur, shark, dragon, and bunny!

The ring-tailed lemur costume was made by grandma, I bought the bunny used, the dragon was given to us by my cousins and we are borrowing the shark from dear Ashlea.

The Mom's group I am in planned a Halloween party for the kids with lots of games, some crafts, a pinata, costume parade, and of course good food! You can see Tonito painting the pumpkins below- mix equal parts glue and water and add in a lot of pumpkin spice so get a textured and yummy smelling clear "paint" for jack-o-lanterns. Also check out the cute hot dog mummies someone made:

All of the kids had fun running around the park with the other little ones. The weather was gorgeous and we stayed there until it was dark.

Here is the scavenger hunt: with little picture lists for each child (find 1 spider ring, 1 pumpkin stamp, 1 Halloween pencil, etc). I was laughing about the pinata because Ricky has only been home 2 months and he literally has already done at least 5 pinatas from different birthday parties, a Mexican Independence Day party, and now this Halloween party. He must think we'll do this all the time! He knew exactly what he was supposed to do: hit the pinata and then wait for the candy to fall down!

On the way home in the car the kids asked if we were then going trick-or-treating! No guys, you had enough fun for one day- we'll go tomorrow on the real Halloween!

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Viv and Pete said...

Great pictures and a fun Halloween party!