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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Garden!!!!!

We started the day with a delivery of compost (which Vivi insisted was cow's poop)- check out the steam! My dad had just built the raised beds, which are a must in Houston where the water level is so high. Once we got the compost in, we set to work planting! Here is the grand list of veggies: 9 broccolis, 6 different types of tomatoes, 6 different peppers, 4 packets of different salads (including my favorite arugula), pole beans, peas, swiss chard, onions, and cucumbers. In the separate herb garden I also have leeks, fennel, and a variety of herbs. I am so, so excited about this!!!!
During the planting, we caught a little gecko, hung a hurricane proof bird house,

planted some colorful annuals, weeded the other flower beds,
and Grandma and Vivi even got a little rest by the pool.

Last year we were in an apartment all summer- with not even a sunny patio for pots. I can't wait to see our garden grow this year!!!

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Anonymous said...

How is the garden growing? It was so much fun to share the planting with the kids! Love, Grandma