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Thursday, March 18, 2010

23 lbs of strawberries!

Fresas!!!!! Strawberry season comes early in Texas!!! Can you believe it is March and the reddest, sweetest, juiciest berries are ripe already??

There were a lot of families out in the fields, and some of the rows were really picked over. If you're ever in this situation, look for the MUDDIEST row, that the other moms and kids skipped over, and then you'll hit the jackpot. We Frankensteined it, dragging around 2 inches of mud stilts around the green mounds, heavy with the best pick of the fields. Of course 10 minutes into the harvesting someone had to go potty and we had to hike back to the porta-loo, and then back out to the promised land. The kids really, really liked to pick the strawberries, but they enjoyed eating them even more. We picked 23 pounds.. wait-- we brought home 23 pounds:).

The farm also has a pecan smoke house on the grounds and I bought some incredible smoked pork chops and some jalapeno/cheese venison sausage. We bought some local produce in their little market and some Texas honey.

We supplemented our strawberry picnic with pb&j sandwiches and carrot sticks.
Of course the next couple of days we spent making freezer jam, fruit leather, frozen strawberries for smoothies, and eating lots of fresh fresas!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember doing that with you and your brother and sister! what fun!