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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lemurs, tigers, and cheetahs- OH MY!

Look at these amazing costumes!!!! My mom MADE these for the kids. Vivi's love (obsession) for lemurs started at the Brookfield Zoo. In the family center, you can dress as a lemur and climb onto a tree trunk next to the real lemurs (that are just behind glass). She was mesmerized by the graceful animals and since then has been in love. Fast-foward a couple of years to New York City, when Auntie Colleen found a stuffed lemur at the museum. Now the saga continues- Vivi always pretends she is a lemur mommy, but now she can dress-up as one too! Tonito asked for a tiger costume, since hs loves his stuffed tiger, and Maya has recently become fascinated with cheetahs (technically, Vivi pointed out that the pattern on Maya's is a leopard, but we all promised to refer to her costume as a cheetah:). Can you believe these costumes!!??

Our time in Chicago has come to an end! We went to the Riverwalk to feed the ducks and spend one more afternoon together.

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Carrie said...

The costume are adorable. You mom should make them and sell them on Etsy!