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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The loooong carride (again)

Everything, after the first hour, went great on the carride home. The first hour we had bodily fluids coming from 2 kids at once, but after using every napkin in the car and a complete change of clothes on the side of the highway, we were set. The rest of the trip was uneventful, sleeping outside Little Rock. When we got to the hotel at 9pm, Maya refused to sleep in the crib since she was a big girl, so tall Tonito graciously offered to scrunch in there and fell asleep before I could even cover him. The next day we made it almost home when everyone started to get antsy. We stopped at McD's for some ice cream, and it may have been the first time that Maya had an ice cream cone to eat by herself. It was a hilarious experience- first she wouldn't lick it because it was too cold, but wouldn't let anyone else lick it. Then we finally got to stop the drips, and Maya started to cry: "I want it bigger! I don't want it little!" She was so mad that it was disappearing. I tried to console her "Look, you can eat the cone" and I broke off a piece. This had her crying more "NO break it Mommy!!! Why you break it? NO break it!" I tried to convince her the cone was like a cookie "It's NO a cookie mommy." Finally she acquiesced and life was good. We exited the highway and made it home.

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Anonymous said...

The kids were soooo good on the ride from Houston to Chicago! I had a blast! They are very good travelers. Maya loved twirling my hair when I sat next to her! Vivi and Tonito kept themselves occupied with books, movies, food and conversation! Love, Grandma