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Friday, November 6, 2009

A warm day at the park

We spent a great day at the museum, followed by a very warm picnic at the park- I am amazed that it is November! People are starting to plant what they call "winter color" (the annuals that I used to plant in April or May in Chicago). I am not planting anything this winter because I am still trying to learn what to do when. When we moved in, someone told us to take a "pool school" class from the local pool supply store. So you pay to have one of their guys to come to your house and they teach you everything about your pool and its maintenance. It was extremely helpful, and we finally understand the basic chemistry of keeping it clear. Now I want the same class, but a "garden school"-- I love the palms I see everywhere and the tropical plants and fruits, I just need to learn how to take care of them!:) So far all I know is that if you hear it will get down to freezing at night, we should cover certain plants with old sheets. I just have to figure out which plants...

Anyway- great park, lots of hills to run up and down (training my future cross-country runners:).

Love to play at the park!

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