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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sugar and Turkeys

We signed up to bring a Thanksgiving dessert to Vivi's class, and so I googled "Turkey Cookies," and found this: (there is no way I would be able to come up with something like this!)
First we used frosting to stick on the candy corn feathers:
Then stuck the caramels to the ritz cracker for the body, and a whopper on top for the head:

For eyes we used mini-m & m's and the beak is part of a candy corn:
Here's the finished project:

Since Tonito goes to a special ESL preK every day for a couple of hours, and Maya is taking her nap, I try to do something with just Vivi. So here we bought all of these ingredients, worked on the turkeys for a couple of hours, and then I see Vivi scratching her lips and tongue. Can you believe candy corn has eggs!? I thought I had checked all of the ingredients, but I guess I missed that! So we made one turkey especially for her without tail feathers or a beak. Aaaaaagh. That was the whole point of me bringing a dessert, so I could assure Vivi that she would be able to eat one without eggs!!! Despite the featherless turkey, Vivi had a blast making these and I highly suggest them! Can you find the turkey that is egg-free? (where's waldo!?)

Enjoying our turkeys at Vivi's pre-school Thanksgiving feast:

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