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Friday, November 27, 2009

Fake Christmas

Since this is our year to celebrate Christmas in Mexico, we had a "fake Christmas" after Thanksgiving! Look at these adorable aprons my mom made for the kids!!! They got a bunch of kid-sized cooking utensils and a cookbook so we can have more culinary adventures hahahaha!!! LOVE IT! I think my mom should sell these- aren't they adorable?

Here are the kids- notice Vivi is already wearing her new princess and the pea outfit, on top of her new vet costume. Nothing like diving into the new gear!!

Finally a family photo!!! Yes, Emily straightened my hair. So weird:).
Group shot of our ever-growing family!

Decorating Christmas cookies:

The kids got cute books, enormous coloring books, fairies, baby doll accessories, a soccer goal, doll clothes, games, a Slovenian dragon, Lite Brite, clothes and more!!

Christy (Tia Didi) got all of the kids beautiful handmade presents in Peru, after her intensive Quechua class there this summer. The mask above was also a Peru present. We also got an amazing honey bear mask from Tim and Colleen from their trip to Slovenia- quite the traveling bunch this year! Last year we all got gifts from China and Chile and this year was Peru and Slovenia.... Next year we might get gifts from Ethiopia? (actually it might be too early for that... I'm foreshadowing to see who is reading...

In the 2nd picture, doesn't Tonito look Peruvian!!?
At the very end of our fake Christmas, SANTA knocked on the window and waved to the kids! We all saw the white glove coming out of the red and white sleeve and everyone was SO excited- to the point that Vivi screamed "We all have to go to bed so he can come down the chimney!!!!" To which we promptly explained that Santa must have just been doing a behavior check in the neighborhood to see who was naughty and who was nice. He was NOT coming tomorrow to deliver more presents.. Even though he wasn't going to come tonight, the kids decided it was still a good idea to go straight to bed so he could see how good they were. Tonito heard reindeer hooves on the roof and that was enough to send everyone into a frenzy of brushing teeth and going potty, and running under the covers. This white glove could be extremely useful (if not overused:). ****PS LOOK AT M STRAIGHT HAIR!!!?? Crazy!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved our Christmas, even if it was early! What great memories! The kids really make Christmas special! (big and little ones) Love, Mom