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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hanging with the Animals

Yet another zoo trip:)- when you're members you go quite often! This time the zoo was having a kite flying festival; I'm sure the show would have been more spectacular with a little breeze, but it was still fun to see the professional kite flyers manage them in still air. The children's zoo and the petting zoo were free this weekend so we took advantage of it. Vivi's new obsession is the lemur. We went to the zoo on Saturday, and then on Sunday we stopped by Home Depot to get a couple of bushes. Vivi was saying that she was a lemur and the minivan turned into her home, a "bosque" (forest). Vivi really, really likes animals and actually will not play with any dolls or little people. Her favorite is the giraffe (fa-fa) and now apparently the lemur is a close second. She also loves ponies and kitties. Tonito on the other hand likes lions first, and then monkeys, and dogs.

Maya is learning to love animals quickly and can imitate a lion (she roars and hold up both claws), a lobo- wolf (tilts her head up and purses her lips saying oooo), an elephant (holds up her arm like a trunk, but doesn't say anything), our favorite- the gorilla (bangs her chest and says aaaah), says moo for a cow, and uf-uf for the dog. Actually the dog and cow were her first animal noises, and then the gorilla. So at the zoo she was overgeneralizing and moo-ing at goats and llamas, and anything small she would bark at. It was adorable! She is very vocal, and also very musical (she has been dancing and shimmying her shoulders since she was 6 months old!). I love my kiddos!!

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