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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween! with Blue, Cinderella and a Ladybug

I FINALLY got my laptop back from HP, where I had sent it for repairs. Aaaah. Now I will agressively post and update;).

Halloween was a BLAST!!!! I love fall because there are so many fun traditions: the cheesey pumpkin farms, carving jack-o-lanterns, a costume parade at school, jumping in the leaves and trick-or treating of course!!! It was so fun to "twicko-twee" first with Grandma and Grandpa around our neighborhood, and then with our buddy Ewan. We were out from 3:30 to 6:30 and collected millions of calories of candy packed with high fructose corn syrup (yum, pass me the Mounds! er.. and my running shoes). This is all so new to Tonito!!! Faces on pumpkins? Scary monsters hanging from trees? (that is scary on many different levels). Knocking on strangers doors and asking for candy? It's funny how much we enjoy such a weird holiday- I think the possibility of sugar clouds our judgment:). But seriously, I don't know what is cuter than little kids in costumes. Seeing all the little princesses and Spider Men was very exciting for the kids, and I just couldn't stop smiling watching our little princess and puppy dog almost running from house to house. Towards the end Tonito told us "My pumpkin is big," which we finally understood to mean it was too heavy to carry:). I have such happy family fall memories, and I love watching the kids making their own..

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