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Friday, October 10, 2008

Cosley Zoo

As long as we haven't moved, we've been taking advantage of playing with all of our friends and cousins! We met our 2 cousins, Sam and Nate, with their mom Annie at the Cosley Zoo (I'm

not sure why it is called a zoo instead of a farm?). The kids love animals and love running around, so they had a very fun day! We didn't realize it was Columbus Day and therefore millions of kids were out of school and also enjoying the animals- which makes it a little harder to keep track of 3 shorties while each pushing a stroller with our little ones:). Afterwards we all ate lunch together, except poor Maya who was exhausted. She is 13 months, and just starting to wean herself of her morning nap- but can't yet handle only one nap. So she either doesn't sleep her morning nap and is really tired by noon or sleeps well in the morning and can't fall asleep in the afternoon. It is so hard to be a baby and have everyone weave their schedule around you!!!:) Speaking of babies, "little" Nate (Mr. Cheeks in the booster chair) is huge!!!! And he is starting to walk!!! "But wait," you say, "he is 4 month younger than Maya, who has no interest in walking!" I know, he is athletically very advanced (and Zen baby Maya would rather sit and cuddle). I think this is going to be quite a challenge for Annie within the next month or so once he learns how to run: Sam is still too young to listen to "stop running" orders, and Nate will be heading in the opposite direction! Crazy but fun:).

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