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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tacos and a trip down memory lane

Vivi has been talking so much more now, and because of this, says the cutest things!!!

Vivi: I want the tacos!!
Me: What tacos?
Vivi: The taaaacos, for me!
Me: What are you talking about?
Vivi: Mommy, I want the tacos for the pool.
Me: ??? Wha...? I don't understand Vivi. Do you want to eat tacos??
Vivi: Mommy. The tacos. For my eyes. To go underwater. THE TACOS!!!!
Me: Aaaah, the goggles?
Vivi: Yeah. the tagos.

(Vivi doesn't say "l" or "r", and only says "g" sometimes. For example: wed why gwee why. Say it fast and you'll figure it light green light:)


Christy and Colleen: Just today, Vivi had these memories, triggered by random things we saw today.

We were in the supermarket, and Vivi saw yogurt covered pretzels and said " 'member in Mickey Mouse?"... back in September we went to Disney World for a couple of days when Tonio had a conference there, and Vivi and I shared her first (and I guess only so far) bag of yogurt covered pretzels. Later in the same store, she saw cashews and said " 'member at Tia Colleen's house?" (so watch out Colleen, you might always be associated with cashews:).

Tia Didi came over to play with them, and when I told Vivi she was on her way, Vivi said " 'member when I a baby and Didi's room dowstairs and we dance and sing?"... when Christy used to live with us, in what is now Tonito's room, she used to call Vivi down for "dance parties" of blaring salsa and merengue music.

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