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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My baby is 1

One year ago today at 1pm Maya Adriana was born via C-section at 7 pounds 2 ounces. Today she is a crawling-cruising-cuddly one year old! My favorite things about Maya are:

1) The way she dances when I sing- she shimmies and shakes and giggles- so cute!
2) She snuggles into my neck sucking her thumb and humming and gives wet laughing kisses. She LOVES when I rock her and sing to her at night.
3) At age 1, she refuses to hold her own bottle (can you believe how much she has me wrapped around her little finger??) so I hold it for her while she really delicately tickles and plays with my fingers.

Although the Maya anthem* implies that she may enjoy sweets, she actually has never had anything sugar-y. Actually once I gave her ice cream (a tiny, tiny bite!), and the horrific look on her face from the cold brain freeze definitely deterred me.

*Apple dumpling pudding
pumpkin pie-a
sweet potato, sweet pea
Maya plays with one of her presents:

Good midwest girl:

I'm not sure what to do with this???

Hey mommy! I like frosting!

I like sugar!!!

Now how do I eat this?

Just shove it in, right?

And then squish my hands in the frosting?

Mommy, can you lick my fingers?

No, not the face! Let me at least lick the napkin.

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