Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Tricks

Here are some of our newest tricks. It's amazing how fast these kids are growing up!! I asked Vivi if she could stay little forever and she told me "I 5." Great, already lying about her age!


1) Can jump off the bottom stair or into the pool (and land on his feet:)

2) Recognizes some letters and *constantly* points out "T for Tonito!"

3) Says "I like...," "Why?," "I show Papi," and "It's my turn"

4) Is starting "dramatic play" (imagining/pretending with play animals)

5) Sits and listens to books every night and asks for more

6) LOVES bulldozers, backhoes, flatbeds, cranes, dump trucks, cement trucks (and identifies them all)

7) Throws really well overhand

8) Likes to feed and play with Maya (and of course play with Vivi)


1) Makes her bed and fixes her stuffed animals

2) Is starting to broaden her food horizons (she ate grilled chicken at Grandma's!)

3) Goes underwater by herself

4) LOVES princesses (her current favorites are Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella)

5) Is a very fast runner and has excellent form:)

6) LOVES to cook

7) Sings the entire song "Somewhere out there" from the movie American Tail

8) Tries to make Maya laugh


1) Waves bye-bye

2) Claps when you say "yay!" or "bravo!"

3) Says "uh-oh" (sometimes leaves off the second syllable so it's more like "uh")

4) Crawls everywhere and when I let her can climb up an entire flight of stairs

5) We *think* she says: "mama," "uh-oh," "baba" (bye-bye), and it sounds like "Vivi"

6) Laughs hysterically at her siblings

7) Sucks her thumb

8) Has 5 teeth (missing the stubborn one in front on top)

9) Points at airplanes overhead


Antonio Morales said...

I bet you never thought I would leave a message. But now that I'm travelling more often, I read again and again this blog. It makes the time away from you more bearable. God, do I miss you so much when I travel!! Thank you very much for letting me be in touch with all of you even when I'm away. I've read this blog three times already and it keeps bringing memories. I love ALL of YOU so much!


Sallymander said...

what a sweet comment from your hubbie! me and the doggies over here hate when daddy travels too! yes, we have furry children. still waiting for our human child. we think we might travel in oct. but still don't know...we were told that our LOA is coming soon to be signed (final step) and then we wait for our TA (travel announcement)...give us our child, china!