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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We love playing at the spray parks!

There is a spray park near our house that is *perfect* for the kids because it is enclosed, it has a rubber surface (so Maya can crawl around) and there are no mommys worrying about kids drowning. There are some covered picnic areas, and then a decent playground and sandbox area that Tonito LOVES.

Tonito's vocabulary is bursting, and he really enjoys talking and letting the world know what he is thinking about. His sentences usually consist of a noun and a verb "Maya crying," "Tonito fall down," "Vivi hit me." He and Vivi had definitely have perfected the "tattling on your sibling," but then at the same time they also have become inseparable buddies, and always look for each other to goof around.

Since China (and still now) Tonito has always been his Papi's little boy. His face lights up when Tonio comes in the room, and anytime anything happens during the day (he draws a picture, he gets an owie) he says "Tell papi? Show papi?" Very cute! So now that Tonio has been travelling more to Houston and Norway, every time I talk on the phone in Spanish (even if it's a telemarketer) he asks "Papi?" When we come home and Tonio's car is parked in the driveway (which it is when he travels), Tonito screams "Papi home!!" He loves his papi so much and really wants to impress him. So at the spray park (a different one than above) he took off his shirt and threw it somewhere, and we ended up leaving it there. When he told his papi that he lost his beloved "barco" (ship) shirt, the tears welled up in his eyes, worried that he had disappointed his hero. Poor Tonito! I told him next time we have to be more careful and he says "OK mommy, I careful."

So here is the other spray park we visited, where the favorite tee disappeared:

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mario morales said...

Ahhhhhhhh, nada mejor que un chapuzón en un día de verano. La cara de Toñito cuando le cae el chorro de agua esta buenísima, pobrecito, no se lo esperaba, pero espero que se haya divertido. Saludos.